Custom Cake Maker – Portsmouth, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Chichester


Need to know prices for cakes?

The best way is to figure out what you need in a phone call with me and I can price it for you. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Is there a standard price list?

There is no standard price list at the moment because each cake I make is unique. But please see below about what makes a difference..

What things affect the price of a cake?

The general things that affect the price of a cake are:

  • the ingredients e.g. flavourings, vanilla, lemon, chocolate etc.
  • if it is a fruit cake, there’s the extra cost of marzipan to cover a cake before icing it (essential)
  • the type of covering – icing… chocolate … rolled chocolate cigarillos … butter icing etc.
  • ultimately the size shape and decoration are the main things… for example the sculpted type of cake like the popular Gucci shoe box and handbag

There were all types of things in this one, for example the shoe box was chocolate and the bag was vanilla, so that meant different kinds of filling too. Then there was the fact that the bag was carved to shape … that takes a lot of time to achieve it all… and that’s not mentioning the amount of work involved to create the decorations. The flowers for example are all made of sugar. So in this case a luxury Gucci style cake was definitely on the pricier side… but worth it for the wow factor (and we don’t dare guess what the original handbag would cost!)

Special Order requirements for Wedding Cakes:

  • At the time of booking a deposit of 30 – 40% is required, this is payable by cash or cheque.
  • The remaining balance should be settled two weeks before the required date by cheque or cash.
  • Note on alterations: Any alterations to the original order must be confirmed in writing or in person and may incur an additional cost. Changes made six weeks prior to the wedding cannot be guaranteed, however every effort will be made to accommodate your wishes.

Stand Hire: Cake stands are available in various shapes and sizes. The cost to hire base stands is £5, stands to hold tiered cakes cost £10. A deposit of £50 is required and is refundable upon safe and complete return of stand. Wedding cake prices start from £80.00

Cutting cakes are available for those extra pieces required at big events. Savings are made this way and no one knows the difference!